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Erie Trail

This July we’re pleased to announce the Indiana DNR awarded the PTC $300,000 for extension of the trail for one mile through North Judson. The grant results from a competitive application process which required a 20% local match.  The PTC wishes to thank the DNR and our friends and members for achieving the match.  The trail route will be on Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum donated land and land where the PTC has an easement thanks to foresight of the Town of North Judson. The grant must be used solely for new trail development.

The Erie Trail is a non-motorized route extending eleven paved miles, within a Starke County public greenway, from North Judson across US 35 to Starke County Road 700 East. An equestrian trail borders the paved trail from Starke County 100 W to Starke County 700 E. To the east in Monterey, Pulaski County, is a shorter paved trail.


Located on the rail-banked right-of-way of the former Erie Lackawanna Railroad, the Erie Trail has great views of the Kankakee River sand country. You will see rich Indiana farmland, as well as natural groves of oak savannah, wildflowers, prairies and marshlands. The level railbed allows easy hiking and bicycling.


The Erie Trail is part of the American Discovery Trail from Delaware to California; the Great American Rail-Trail from Washington, DC to Washington State; and USBR 35 from Ontario to near New Orleans. The Starke County Commissioners have approved four share-the-road routes for better connectivity to the Erie Trail.

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