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The North Judson Erie Trail is part of the transcontinental American Discovery Trail (“the ADT”), which is planned to extend from the Atlantic Ocean in Delaware to the Pacific Coast at Point Reyes in northern California.  In Indiana, there are two branches:  the northern ADT route and the southern ADT route.  The North Judson Erie Trail is part of the northern ADT route.  Other completed sections of the northern ADT route include the Cardinal Greenway near Muncie and the Nickel Plate Trail south from Rochester.


The North Judson Erie Trail is a free access, public multi-use path and greenway located in southern Starke County, Indiana.  Nine miles of paved trail extend eastward from Main Street in the town of North Judson to U.S. 35 near Bass Lake.  Motor vehicles are prohibited.  The route is fully paved and intended for hiking and bicycling.  A separate, unpaved equestrian trail for horseback riding shares the corridor from 100W to U.S. 35.


Centered on the rail banked right-of-way on the former Erie JK Line, much of the North Judson Erie Trail is elevated, offering an excellent view of the unspoiled countryside of the Kankakee sand country.  The level rail bed makes for easy hiking and cycling.  Though you will see some of the rich farmland for which Indiana is justly famous, the landscapes are often more natural and quite varied—groves of oaks, native sand prairies, and prairie marshes.  The trail corridor is 100 feet wide, and generally bounded by a livestock fence.  Please be a good trail citizen and refrain from trespassing on the neighboring private properties.


The Prairie Trails Club, Inc. (“the PTC”) is an unfunded, nongovernmental support group that maintains the North Judson Erie Trail.  Volunteers of the PTC are not compensated for their services.


Explore excellent views of varied natural landscapes on the North Judson Erie Trail

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