Support the North Judson Erie Trail

There are many ways to support the North Judson Erie Trail or to help connect to other segments of the American Discovery Trail.  Membership dues or donations to the Prairie Trails Club, Inc. (PTC) help purchase supplies needed for trail maintenance.  Volunteer time can be leveraged toward matching grant opportunities.  Donating amenities to help users enjoy their time on the trail is another way to support the trail. 


Questions? Want to join us?  Contact us using the form below. Please include your reply email address and click "Send".  We'll get back to you shortly!


Challenge your group or find your own way to make a donation of time, materials, energy or money to the North Judson Erie Trail.  Your support will be greatly appreciated!

This beautiful bench (made of recycled materials) at the intersection of the North Judson Erie Trail and County Road 125E, was donated by PTC member and Volunteer, Susan DeSantis of North Judson.

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