The OSSIS Project on the Erie Trail

Coming Soon: Walk Our Solar System In Scale 

In 2019 the Constellation of Starke applied to the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs for a major grant which could include funds for an in-scale model of our solar system along the Erie Trail.  The application was partially successful but did not include funds for the in-scale model.  So the Starke County Community Foundation included the in-scale model as part of a new grant application in 2020— this time directed to the Lilly Endowment’s GIFT VII program. The effort was successful and received a grant of $25,000 dedicated to the model.  


A workgroup was formed to design and implement what has been deemed the OSSIS Project.  The expressed intent of the workgroup is, in concert with the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum and the Prairie Trails Club, to place models of the Sun, planets, and other heavenly bodies that are in-scale as to size and as to distances between them. 


The Sun model will be placed along the Erie Trail near Main Street in North Judson with other models placed along the Erie Trail to the southeast.  Each of the models will include signage that depicts and interprets the particular heavenly body, with OTES of North Judson slated to construct the signs. 


The intention is to have the OSSIS Project function as a dynamic system with both onsite and online information and that will advance as scientific knowledge of our solar system advances. 


Please check back soon for more information!