Visit Prairie Trails


Planning Your Visit: Trail Activities

Far from heavily traveled roads, the serenity of the North Judson Erie Trail is highlighted by the abundant wildlife along its path.  Deer, turkeys, waterfowl, chipmunks, prairie and woodland songbirds, soaring hawks, and a diverse assortment of wildflowers, grasses, and trees provide interest for the nature enthusiasts.  Creek crossings provide excellent views and a place to rest for families using the trail.  Fitness enthusiasts will enjoy the long stretches--often over a mile--of level, uncrowded pavement without road crossings.  Distances are marked at half-mile intervals, starting in North Judson. 


Rail buffs will find the trail rich in railroading heritage, especially at the western end of the trail, which ends at the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum.  



Planning Your Visit: What to Bring 

Visitors should bring sunblock and plenty of water.  Binoculars and insect repellant may also be useful.



Planning Your Visit: Nearby Attractions

Several museums, shopping centers, wildlife and other recreational opportunities are near the trail, a few of which are shown on the right.  Camping sites and cabins are available at nearby Tippecanoe River State Park.


Nearby Attractions


•  Hoosier Valley Rail Museum (


•Tippecanoe River State Park (


•  Kankakee River Fish and Wildlife Area (



•  Jasper Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area (


•  Bass Lake (


•  Bailey’s Discount Center   (


•  Toto Bargain Village/ Richard’s of Toto (


•  Kersting’s Cycle Center and Museum (


•  Melody Drive-In Theater (