North Judson Erie Trail Volunteers

The North Judson Erie Trail is a non-governmental facility.  The trail is maintained through the tireless efforts of volunteers who use the trail or who simply believe it enhances the community.  The Prairie Trails Club, Inc. (“the PTC”) is an unfunded, nongovernmental support group that provides bridge and pavement repairs, control of invasive plants, updating of signage and numerous other forms of maintenance for the North Judson Erie Trail.  Volunteers of the PTC are not compensated for their services. 


“Trail Work Days” are held at various times throughout the trail season, often followed by lunch and bike riding.  Youth from local athletic teams, Boy Scouts, and other groups have helped with trail maintenance, giving them a firsthand experience in community volunteerism.


What You Can Do


Challenge your group or find your own way to make a donation of time, materials, energy or money to the North Judson Erie Trail.  Your support will be greatly appreciated!


Trail volunteers Chris Balzer, Tabitha Lucas Balzer, Greg Wittig, Karen Wittig and Bruce Fingerhut (left to right) in 2013 were joined by Steve Morris, Director of the Division of Outdoor Recreation of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, for a day of work and a trail ride.


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